Engineering memes


It is just known for everyone out there that Engineering is one of the most difficult majors around. We have a hard time in college trying to get high grades. Also after graduation… its just an endless suffering. But I guess its worth it. Anyway no wonder that we have to add some comedy to our lives. That’s where “Engineering Memes” comes in. This is a page on facebook that posts memes for engineers. There are some memes posted that makes no sense for non engineers. Maybe you would need to add some humor in your day.

Here is the link:

Engineering Memes




100+ Projects for mechatronics students!


As a mechatronics student it is a good idea to have a look on some projects and link what you have learned already with how such a project could be done. Here is a website that I find could be useful containing more than a 100 robotic project. You can buy from this site a robot if you would like. If not you can take a look on the product’s description section where you could find hardware requirements of your chosen project and take a look on the design which is also important.

Here is the link:

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